If you are looking for market research to help you...
Understand your customers
Anima Insight Customer Understanding
Improve your current product or service
Anima Insight Customer Satisfaction
Or create something new
Anima Insight NPD and Innovation
We have the know-how and techniques to create a custom approach that will deliver to your insight needs
The anima is the part of ourselves that is directed inwards and in touch with our subconscious.


This is where true insight can be found if we...

Anima Insight Listen
Anima Insight Analysis
Anima Insight Strategic Recommendations
 To what is being said, the specific words chosen and the silences in-between
Beyond the obvious to search for patterns and deeper meanings
From what is brought to light and use it to inspire positive action


Maria Antidormi London insight consultant
London insight consultant
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London insight consultant
London insight consultant